The Alluring Essence of France

Few places blend primeval nature and man-made wonder as efficiently as Southeastern France. And from your residence, you’re minutes away from it all. Provence is waiting to be discovered— venture out and see for yourself.


  • A bottle of wine sits on a table next to an empty glass

    Wine Tasting in Bandol

    Sample quality regional wines in the center of wine country.

  • A mysterious motor cyclist stands over a cliff overlooking the sea


    Three distinct routes offer a combination of sporty mountain roads and impressive oceanside drives.

  • couple with hiking attire and hiking backpacks standing on a hill overlooking the ocean

    Walking, Hiking, and Cycling

    Wander on foot or in the saddle — discover the hidden treasures of Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer.

  • two women looking at clothing in outdoor market

    Local Markets & Shopping

    Near or far, new or traditional, Provence’s towns offer a range of shopping options.

  • wooden deck going out into the ocean with hills surrounding

    Parks of Provence

    Roman ruins, underwater canyons, diverse animal life, and more — all just a drive away.

  • A view, through the branches of a tree, of boats on the sea

    Mediterranean Sea

    Soak up the sun, carve some waves, and wander about our Pavillon Bleu-certified shoreline.