The Alluring Essence of France

Few places blend primeval nature and man-made wonder as efficiently as Southeastern France. And from your residence, you’re minutes away from it all. Provence is waiting to be discovered— venture out and see for yourself.

Things To-Do

  • A bottle of wine sits on a table next to an empty glass

    Wine Tasting in Bandol

    Sample quality regional wines in the center of wine country.

  • A mysterious motor cyclist stands over a cliff overlooking the sea


    Three distinct routes offer a combination of sporty mountain roads and impressive oceanside drives.

  • couple with hiking attire and hiking backpacks standing on a hill overlooking the ocean

    Walking, Hiking, and Cycling

    Wander on foot or in the saddle — discover the hidden treasures of Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer.

  • two women looking at clothing in outdoor market

    Local Markets & Shopping

    Near or far, new or traditional, Provence’s towns offer a range of shopping options.

  • wooden deck going out into the ocean with hills surrounding

    Parks of Provence

    Roman ruins, underwater canyons, diverse animal life, and more — all just a drive away.

  • A view, through the branches of a tree, of boats on the sea

    Mediterranean Sea

    Soak up the sun, carve some waves, and wander about our Pavillon Bleu-certified shoreline.