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My First Massage

Take care of your body with a vanilla honey balm!
There is no age to enjoy a nice massage! And if it has a delicious honey and vanilla scent, your child will be even more delighted!
The Nougatine Angel’s Dream Massage Balm soothes and nourishes your child's skin. This organic vanilla honey balm prepares your child for rest and relaxation. Its creamy texture nourishes his/her skin and leaves it deliciously vanilla-scented.
The Hydro-Protect Bio Complex improves skin hydration and creates a protective barrier.
A massage tailored to children. With "Angel’s Dream" massage balm with honey and vanilla scents, your child will experience his first moments of utter tranquility.
My first massage: 25 minutes - 45€, including:

  • A massage tailored to the child’sneeds and body with "Angel’sDream" massage balmwithsweet fragrances of honey and vanilla
  • Access to the Frégate Spa: heated indoor pool*

* Access to the Spa (except indoor pool) is strictly reserved for people over 16 years old. For any child care, the presence of an adult in the spa is mandatory. You have the possibility to book a treatment only for your child, or to request a care in duo parent-children in the same cabin.