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An ideal place to rest and recharge your batteries, our Omnisens wellness area offers a wide variety of treatments and massages, which require you to take care of yourself.

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Monday: 10:00–18:00
Tuesday: 10:00–18:00
Wednesday: 09:00–19:00
Friday: 10:00–19:00
Saturday: 10:00–20:00
Sunday: 09:00–13:00

Phone: +33 (0)4 94 29 39 49
Email: Spa.fregate@dolce.com

To respect sanitary measures, our jacuzzi and sauna are currently closed.

According to the last health emergency decree, the indoor swimming pool will be closed from October 28th, 2020.

Wellness packages

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    At the Fregate wellness area, we’ve chosen to offer Omnisens beauty treatments since 2015. This Parisian brand is designed to adapt to all of your needs. With natural ingredients and noteworthy scents, each product is effective in awakening the senses.

  • closeup of couple standing against the ledge of the pool laughing at each other

    Journey of the Senses
    Wellness & Lunch

    Looking for a relaxing break with your partner, family member, or friend? Enjoy the unique experience of a treatment at the Omnisens wellness center and prolong this moment with lunch at the warm and friendly La Restanque brasserie.

    This package includes:

    • Access to the Frégate wellness center for 2 hours for two people: indoor heated pool, sauna, fitness area and relaxation room.
    • An Omnisens treatment of your choice for two people (25 minutes), performed in a double treatment room or in two different rooms (per your request)
    • A lunch at La Restanque for two people (main course of the day, gourmet coffee and a drink of your choice)

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    Envie de vous accorder une pause ? Ce modelage, issu de la médecine traditionnelle indienne, est fait pour vous ! Il est idéal pour lutter contre le stress, harmoniser et rééquilibrer le corps et l'esprit. 

    Ce forfait comprend:  

    • Détendre muscles et tensions durant 50 min à l'huile chaude.
    • Profitez de l'accès à l'espace bien-être Omnisens : sauna, piscine intérieure chauffée, fitness et tisanerie.
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    Modelage polynésien

    Ce modelage issus de Polynésie sera parfait pour ceux qui sont à la recherche de détente et qui veulent évacuer les tensions du quotidien. Votre corps se libérera des tensions musculaires et retrouvera l’harmonie énergétique.

    Une véritable parenthèse détente en toute occasion…

    Ce forfait comprend:

    • Massage de 50 min
    • L'accès à l'espace bien-être Omnisens : piscine intérieure chauffée, sauna, fitness et salle de relaxation
    • Modelage profond de tout le corps à l'huile de vanille chaude. Une technique utilisant les phalanges, les avant-bras et les poings.
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    Modelage signature

    Venez passez un moment d'exception avec ce modelage de 80 minutes qui vous apportera une détente absolue de tout le corps, cuir chevelu et visage. Un moment de détente afin de vous relaxer au maximum.

    Ce forfait comprend :

    • Un massage personnalisé de 80 minutes.
    • L'accès complet à l'espace bien-être Omnisens : sauna, piscine intérieure chauffée, fitness et tisanerie.

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    Bachelorette & Birthday Party

    Have a birthday or bachelorette party to organize? Allow the Frégate Wellness Aera to care of this event for you, welcoming you and your group into an intimate and peaceful world with a package tailored especially for this memorable day.

    This package includes:

    • 3-hour access to the Wellness Aera Frégate: heated indoor pool, sauna, fitness center, sensory shower and relaxation room
    • 20-minute treatment per accompanying friend (scrub + radiance facial treatment or massage)
    • Treatments of 50 minutes for the special day’s lady (exfoliation, massage and/or facial treatment)
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Family wellness packages

  • little girl with white towel on her head has a white face mask on and his holding a cucumber slice in each hand

    Family Wellness Package—Nougatine

    We love to see your children thriving, so we’ve implemented the 100% natural and child-friendly French skincare brand Nougatine, featuring delicious carnival scents from ice cream to cotton candy.

  • little girl in a pink bathrobe is getting a facial mask put on with a brush

    My Pretty Little Face

    With the application of the Cotton Candy Chanti Mousse Cleanser, mask and massage with chocolate hazelnut flavor, and a finishing touch of hydration with strawberry vanilla, your child will enjoy learning a good daily skincare routine and find his or her little face soft again.

    This package includes:

    • Child’s skin cleansing with Cotton Candy Chantimousse
    • Child’s mask and facial massage with chocolate-hazelnut facial cream
    • Final hydration with application of vanilla-strawberry moisturizing cream, specially adapted to the sensitive skin of your child
    • Access to wellness center for your child: heated indoor pool*

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  • little boy laying with his stomach down getting a massage with black rock

    My First Massage

    There is no age limit for enjoying a nice massage! And if it has a delicious honey and vanilla scent, your child will be even more delighted. Tailored to children, this soothing massage will nourish your child’s skin.

    This package includes:

    • A child’s massage with Angel’s Dream Massage Balm, featuring sweet fragrances of honey and vanilla
    • Access to the Frégate wellness center: heated indoor pool*

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  • little girl with pink bathrobe and a pink towel on her head is getting her nails painted red

    My Fairy Fingers

    Manicures aren’t just for adult women—everyone should take care of their hands, even little ones! This treatment is designed especially for children and teens, and it also provides a relaxing break just for you.

    This package includes:

    • Gentle filing of the nails
    • Hand and nail massage with vanilla and organic honey balm
    • Application of nail polish in chosen color

    Duration: 25 minutes
    Price: 35€

  • mom with green face mask holding baby daughter while she touches the green mask with her finger

    Parent Child Duo

    Share a special experience with your child, in our double treatment room, to introduce him or her to true relaxation with Angel’s Dream Massage Balm, featuring delicious scents of honey and vanilla.

    This package includes:

    • Omnisens body massage for parent
    • Nougatine "Angel’s Dream" body massage for child
    • Access to the Frégate wellness center: heated indoor pool, sauna, fitness, and solely the indoor pool for the child*

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