What All the Buzz is About

Kept by expert beekeeper Cyril Antunes, twelve beehives have found their home at Dolce Frégate Provence, and we’re excited to offer our guests the chance to learn more about these fascinating creatures firsthand. The beehive tour is a perfect activity for the whole family!

Bee Hives

  • man in bee suit holding tray with bees

    Cyril Antunes—Beekeeper

    Born in Toulon, Cyril Antunes joined the French navy at the age of 16 and continued his career for 18 years on Navy fighter planes and helicopters. In 1992, he joined the naval training center in Saint-Mandrier as commander for eight years in the Navy pilot training unit. In 2010, he decided to leave the Navy to fulfill a personal ambition closer to his heart… Beekeeping.

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  • man in bee suit scraping bees of f honeycomb

    Beehive Visits

    Discover the inner workings of a beehive on this unique tour, a fantastic opportunity to learn how bees live in their hives and produce honey. Our onsite beekeeper will lead this educational workshop, in which you’ll get to visit the beehives on the edge of our golf course.

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