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Fiat Case Study

The Italian carmaker Fiat chose the Dolce Frégate Provence to organize the launch of the Fiat Bravo and to reunite its national sales force.

The event, based on an Italian theme, was attended by nearly 100 people over the course of a week to announce the launch of the new car accompanied by key players in Fiat's French market and the national sales team.

Thanks to our facilities specifically designed to accommodate auto events, Fiat was able to present its new Fiat Bravo in the Frégate conference room while the remaining vehicles were safely parked in our secure covered parking lot.

Various workshops were held during the event: product workshops in the meeting rooms fully equipped for the event, but also several workshops at the Circuit du Castellet (a workshop on braking for example) or on the many coastal roads: Route des Crètes, Domaine de la Bégude ...

Thus, Fiat benefited from the expertise of our teams in the organization and supervision of automobile launches and the conference staff was able to make the most of the special layouts in the meeting rooms, prepared as exhibition or product testing spaces, as well as the conference center, fully reconfigured for the occasion.

The manufacturer did not display the cars on the plaza at the hotel entrance, but instead, the main objective of the test workshops was to use the rooms and outdoor spaces, thanks to the exceptional access roads around the hotel and of course for reasons of confidentiality.

Our chef contributed to this event with a buffet of typical "Italian" cuisine that was beautifully arranged and decorated at the customer's request.