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Golf Dolce Frégate Provence offers you its golf academy, located on site, providing private lessons and golf coaching for all levels of play. Lionel Berard, founder of Ecole du Golf Français and a pro golfer, teaches you the game thanks to a new method: MRP. Don’t miss this unique coaching opportunity in France and sign up for your customized training.


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    We have naturally implanted our Golf Institute on one of the most beautiful golf courses in Europe in the South of France. It meets the strict requirements of the ECOLE DU GOLF FRANÇAIS Quality Label, in terms of quality of maintenance of the course, diversity of training situations and amenities for players. The EGF Golf Institute at Dolce Frégate Provence is more than a golf academy: it is a place for reflection, exchange, sharing, research and development of golf coaching from beginners to advanced players.

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    The MRP method

    By offering players of all levels different ways to improve their game, our Golf Academy uses methods that allow beginners to learn faster and gain new skills for rapid improvement...

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    The Mizuno fitting center

    The Golf Dolce Frégate Provence and the French Golf School inaugurate a "Performance Center Mizuno" for the start of the 2018 season. On September 13th, Golf Dolce Frégate Provence and its golf academy Ecole du Golf Français will inaugurate, in collaboration with the renowned Japanese golf brand Mizuno, a new "Mizuno Performance Center", to offer an ever-increasing service individualized and personalized to its customers. 

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    The Golf Institute offers all-inclusive training programs. They are organized through a range of formulas adapted to all audiences, from beginners to expert players.

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