the chef and the AMAP

Our Commitment to the Olivades Farm

At Dolce Frégate Provence, we pride ourselves on providing authentic local fare. That’s why we’ve partnered with the AMAP Les Olivades to receive 30 baskets of locally grown fruits and vegetables per week in which to base our seasonal menus on.

the chef and the AMAP

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    Meet Our Chef

    Innovative, passionate and skilled, Chef Guillaume Maurice’s main priorities in the kitchen are his team and his back-to-basics approach. His emphasis is on respect for the ingredients, which has inspired his commitment to the AMAP.

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    The AMAP Les Olivades

    The objective of the Association for the Preservation of Rural Farming is to re-learn how to enjoy seasonal, locally cultivated products while fighting against the uniformisation of consumption.

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    Homemade Label

    Our chef creates one-of-a-kind dishes using regional and seasonal produce from the AMAP farm. The "Fait Maison" (homemade) logo on our restaurants’ menus will allow you to identify the dishes that are prepared and cooked on site from these raw products.