Dolce Frégate Provence Staff Picks

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    A Day Along the Coastal Mediterranean

    Marseille is a port city in southern France with many facets. From food and local traditions to beaches and nature, a day escape is certainly worth your time. Less than an hour from Dolce Fregate Provence, the Provencal coastline near Marseille is one of the most charming in southern France. Snorkeling and diving enthusiasts will delight in discovering the underwater caves, sea plants, and marine life beneath the surface of the Mediterranean.

    If you enjoy the outdoors, hiking in the Calanques National Park is a must-experience. Extending over 520 km2, the park features three hiking trails, each with amazing panoramic views, picnic sites, and natural pools. Breathe in the freshness of coastal air on a kayaking trip around La Ciotat. This is a rare chance to get up close and personal with some of the Mediterranean's most captivating scenery. Discover the beautiful Calanque du Mugel, the Île Vert, the Bec de l’Aigle rock formation from the water’s edge, and much more.

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    Outdoor Activities for Every Taste

    Discover and explore the beautiful scenery that surrounds Dolce Frégate Provence. Our unique location provides convenient access to a wide variety of natural sites, from stunning mountain views of the Southern Alps to our Pavillon Bleu-certified shoreline along the Mediterranean Sea.

    Visitors looking to explore the world under the water can take a short, ten-minute drive from the resort to the coastal community of Bandol, a popular spot for scuba divers from around the world. The waters offer high visibility so you are sure to see beautiful marine life on your dive. Located between Saint-Cyr and Bandol, only a ten-minute drive away from our hotel, Calanque de Port d'Alon is an idyllic wild creek set against a lush and verdant backdrop. When arriving from Port d’Alon, this creek can be reached along the coastal path—another great opportunity for exploring the nature and wildlife of the South of France.

    Whether you prefer hiking pine-shaped slopes, sunning yourself on the sand, or taking a dip in the refreshing and vibrant waters, this one-of-a-kind destination offers something for all visitors.

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    Exploring Mercantour National Park

    A visit to France’s stunning southeastern Provence region is elevated to new heights during the summertime. In between trips to the charming villages and lavender fields, the warm weather this time of year offers the perfect opportunity for a memorable day exploring the mountains. For those seeking to get out into nature during their stay in the south of France, Mercantour National Park is a must-see.

    Filled with scenic valleys and rural hillside villages, Mercantour National Park is a postcard come-to-life. For an incredible historical site, travelers can visit the Vallée des Merveilles - or “Valley of Marvels” - to see Europe’s largest collection of open-air petroglyphs dating all the way back to the Bronze Age. Between beautiful olive trees, spruces, edelweiss, and rhododendron, a wide variety of wildlife can be observed. This includes ibex, mouflon, hares, partridges, and even wild boars. For even greater views, hikers can visit the park’s breathtaking alpine lakes, including the lake of the Lauzanier and the lakes of Morgon. It’s a picture-perfect memory that’s truly worth the journey.

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    Take a Spa Day

    Vacation is all about relaxation. There is no better way is to accomplish that than by spending a day at the spa for refreshing treatments to enliven your senses, nourish your body, and whisk away the stressors of the everyday. At Dolce Frégate Provence, we have chosen only the best Omnisens beauty treatments to pamper your skin, muscles, and senses. These powerful yet gentle treatments are available in a wide range of packages for you to choose from – whether by yourself or with a partner.

    Our wellness center is designed to give privacy and comfort as you utilize our indoor heated pool, sauna, fitness area, and relaxation room, outside of which you will receive beauty treatments that are out of this world. Whether you choose a massage, exfoliation, a facial, or more, you will leave feeling better than ever.

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    Memorial of the Landing of Provence

    Not far from your stay at the Dolce Frégate Provence is the beautiful city of Toulon, the home of the Mémorial du Débarquement et de la Libération de Provence or the Memorial of the Landing of Provence. This site has been dedicated to the preservation and observation of the history of the area during the 1944 liberation of Southern France. Beautiful views of the port and naval base are yours to see as you make your way into the museum to discover lesser-known stories, view authentic artifacts, and learn through high-quality films and extensive displays.

    The museum sits atop the gorgeous Mont Faron and can be reached by car or by taking a cable car. The price of admission is only €4, and children ten years old and younger are admitted for free. There are no guides or tours for the museum, which allows visitors to keep their own pace and truly absorb the depth and breadth of information available.

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    The Pavillon de Vendôme Museum

    Join in with the locals and other art-loving visitors at The Pavillon de Vendôme Museum for an exhibition like no other, right in the heart of France. Just a short drive away from your stay at the Dolce Frégate Provence, you and your family can explore this venue and discover incredible works that interact with the museums’ very own graphic art collections. Pencil strokes, lines, and dots come together in a demonstration of skillful technique to spark the imagination and celebrate some of the most beloved artists who have shown their pieces at The Pavillon de Vendôme Museum in the past.

    You will be able to observe works from Clémentine Carsberg, Dominique Castell, Karine Debouzie, Marie Ducaté, Nadine Lahoz-Quilez, and Sophie Menuet, that bring the museum to life for a whole new world of volume, perspective, and wonder. Museum entry is only €3.70 and the exhibition only lasts until March 1st, 2020.

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    Christmas in Toulon

    Just 20 kilometers away from your stay at the Dolce Frégate Provence is the magical town of Toulonthe perfect place to visit for the holidays! Here you can catch all the wonderful sights and sounds of the season and get into the spirit at their Christmas market. There is something for the whole family to love, from the lunch stands and hot chocolate bar to the classic walk-up oyster bar. The kids will love the snow village, created especially for them, as well as the special costume-making workshops and concerts. The Christmas market also offers wonderful cooking shows and tasty dessert expos for you to explore. You will be delighted and dazzled by the array of parades and the great theatre shows all around town too! A visit to Toulon is the best way to kick off the holiday season during your stay at the Dolce Frégate Provence.

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    Bandol and Riviera Wine Tours

    You can’t visit Provence without experiencing, educating, and of course, tasting the region’s wines. The best way to do this and get the most out of your adventure is by utilizing the services of a guide from Bandol and Riviera Wine Tours. Their knowledgeable and experienced guides will guarantee an incredible time as you explore the best vineyards and cellars in the area. You will love the variety of generous tastings and learn a lot about the history of the area, the winemaking process, and the people who make it all possible. Delicious lunches will also be included in your tour.

    There are a number of options for each tour depending on the areas you would like to visit and the duration of your tour. Half, three-quarter, and full-day tours are available. No matter which options you select, you are sure to walk away feeling full of great knowledge, wine, and food. Don’t forget to bring a sweater as you travel underground to see where the wine barrels are stored!

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    Exclusive Shopping Experiences

    You can’t visit Provence without bringing home something fabulous to remember it by! Conveniently, Provence is home to some of the greatest shopping districts, boutiques, and markets in all of France, and all you need to do is take a quick trip from your stay at Dolce Frégate Provence into one of the many surrounding towns to find them. You’ll find high-end, designer clothing around every corner as well as smaller shops stocked with unique, local clothing, accessories, and more to dazzle you. Whether you’re looking for popular Provencal linens and tablecloths, with their colorful designs, or delightful soaps made using traditional methods and the purest ingredients, there’s something for everyone to discover and love. While clothing, perfumes, and décor are wonderful, don’t forget to bring home the area’s famed wines and delicious food, like olives, oils, and truffles. No matter where you go—a market or a fashion house —you’ll love all of the incredible options available to you.

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    Tennis Time

    Get on your feet and get in the game when you book tennis lessons during your stay at the Dolce Frégate Provence. Our onsite tennis coach and pro tennis player, Caroline Dhenin, has the skills to teach you how to better your game—no matter if you are a beginner or have been playing for years. Players of all ages are welcome to learn, so the whole family can join in one of our 30-minutes to 2-hour-long lessons. We keep our group sizes small too, so you are able to get personalized coaching easily. 30-minute lessons are for single students while 2-hour-long lessons can only have a maximum of 4 students at once. Private, 1-hour-long lessons are also available and the rate is based on two players. We have racquets and tennis balls ready and waiting, so there’s no need to bring your own. Book your lesson today!

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    Sit Back and Relax

    Dolce Frégate Provence offers the most pleasant way to spend your day by reserving an appointment at Omnisens Frégate wellness center. The on-site wellness area has a variety of options for guests to enjoy by themselves or with a partner or friend. Using Omnisens products in all of their treatments, you are sure to find soothing tranquility no matter what package you choose. The Journey of the Senses Wellness & Lunch gives you and a friend access to the fitness areas, indoor heated pool, sauna, and relaxation room with the 25-minute treatment of your choice and a delicious lunch at La Restanque. The Journey of the Senses Wellness & Dinner offers all of that as well, but dinner at the gourmet Le Mas des Vignes. VIP packages are available, as well as Family Wellness Packages so that you and your little ones can enjoy a day of pampering together. Book your appointment for rejuvenating treatments today.

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    Calanque de Port d'Alon

    Pack a blanket, a picnic lunch, and your snorkeling gear for a fabulous day of sightseeing and basking in the sun at Calanque de Port d'Alon. This beautiful beach sits over the sparkling Mediterranean Sea and is the perfect vista for a relaxing day by the water. You can explore the area with your family, where you’ll find lush pine trees and beautiful paths to trek. Don’t forget to enjoy a picnic under the trees too!

    Feel free to take a dip in the cool waves and snorkel amongst the colorful fish and underwater plant life before returning to the warm, rock-strewn beach. If you so choose, guided eco-tours are available for the area as well. No matter how you decide to spend your day at Calanque de Port d'Alon, you are sure to return back to the Dolce Frégate Provence feeling refreshed and rejuvenated by the natural beauty of the area.

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    Hit the Links

    18 holes of stunning vistas and competitive gameplay await when you step onto The Frégate Golf Course. This par 72 course offers over 6,000 meters of unique and challenging fairways and greens. As a visitor to Provence, you will get to take in all of the beauty and incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea while you play, making this a very special day out indeed.

    If you’re looking for a 9-hole course for novice players to train on, you can play at our neighboring Frégalon Golf Course.

    No matter where you choose to play, you are sure to be delighted by the wonderful weather and entertaining course design. Don’t forget to stop by La Restanque Club House for a casual lunch after your game.

    Book a tee time today online, and don’t forget to check out our golf academy coach Lionel Berard’s hole-by-hole tips to help you conquer the fairways of The Frégate Golf Course.

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    Step Back in Time

    A little over 16 kilometers from the Dolce Frégate Provence is the Tamaris area of the commune of La Seyne-sur-Mer. This idyllic, coastal town is not only a beautiful place to explore on a day trip but is also ingrained in the history of the area with its connection to the famous author George Sand.

    Sand’s work focused on the beauty of the country as well as romantic idealism – a theme made apparent when you visit this part of France. As you travel along the shops, marinas, and charming streets, you will feel yourself falling back through time. From the Fort Balaguier built in 1673 to the Église Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Voyage restored by Michel Pacha, visitors are encapsulated by the region’s history. Literature lovers will rejoice in the atmospheric area of Tamaris that Sand herself admired with Bohemian flourish.

    On your next stay at the Dolce Frégate Provence, make sure to take the time to revel in the tranquility of La Seyne-sur-Mer and truly enjoy the South of France as artists have enjoyed it for centuries.

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    Explore the World Under the Water

    A short, 10-minute jaunt from the Dolce Frégate Provence you will find the coastal community of Bandol, a popular spot for scuba divers from all over the world. Once home to the famous Jacques Cousteau, inventor of the Aqua-Lung and underwater explorer extraordinaire, Bandol offers a wide array of scuba charters to choose from. If you and your family are avid divers, there is no better place in the South of France to discover.

    While the waters of the Mediterranean are still a bit chilly this time of year, clubs typically provide proper wetsuits, hoods, and other equipment, other than dive computers. These waters offer high visibility so you are sure to see beautiful marine life on your dive. The gorgeous, seaside town of Bandol offers up plenty of scenic vistas on the surface as well, so be sure to explore all it has to offer after your dive.

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    A Look Inside a Writer’s World

    Discover the world of one of France’s greatest writers of the 20th century, Marcel Pagnol. Novelist, playwright, and film director, Pagnol has been highly lauded throughout time in nearly every medium of writing. Upon your visit to Dolce Frégate Provence, we highly recommend you take the short drive to the beautiful commune of Aubagne.

    Here visitors can enjoy a guided “Childhood Memories” tour of the grounds Pagnol grew up on, including Château de ma Mère, Manon Fountain in La Treille, and Angèle farm. Be sure to wear suitable shoes for the climb about Mount Garlaban and a picnic to enjoy on this 9-kilometer tour, the last Sunday of each month (with exception to April, July, and August). You may also tour Pagnol’s childhood home on Cours Barthélémy to see where it all began.

    The Petit Monde de Marcel Pagnol is also not to be missed for its incredible re-creations from the writer’s most famous and beloved scenes in the book and on film. 200 figurines adorn the landscape showcasing his best works, so take advantage of this sight!

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    Set Sail Today

    Set Sail Today

    Just under a twenty-minute drive away, history lovers will be able to indulge in the incredible exhibits at the Musée National de la Marine Toulon. This museum boasts collections, workshops, and both guided and unguided tours that will enlighten and educate visitors about the trials, successes, and progress of the French Navy.

    Open every day, with the exception of Tuesdays, admission to the museum is only 6€. Throughout the month of February, guests have the option of joining in on several workshops that are suitable for a range of ages so your whole family can find something fun to enjoy. On Thursday, February 14th reserve a spot for your children, ages 6 to 10, to learn about pirates and create their own flag or you can book your spot on Thursday, February 21st to join in the mock Giant Naval battle. The choices are vast and you will walk away with a greater understanding of all things Navy related.

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    Beekeeping – Your Unique Tour Opportunity

    Housing 12 beehives, the Dolce Frégate Provence offers its guests an experience like no other. Our expert beekeeper, Cyril Antunes, provides beehive tours for you and your family to learn up-close-and-personal how these extraordinary creatures function and produce honey just at the edge of our golf course. Cyril has kept thousands of bees since his training at the CFPPA school in Hyères. He now keeps 40 beehives and delivers a knowledgeable and entertaining tour to guests at the Dolce Frégate Provence.

    Our hotel’s location provides an optimal environment, protected from rough winds and rich with sunshine. This and the importance of beekeeping and bees’ necessary impact on our environment are explored during each workshop.

    Protective clothing is provided, however, participants must wear light-colored clothing as well as long pants and closed-toe shoes. Special rates are offered for groups of six at 35€ per person, but pairs may attend the workshop for just 100€.

  • The Making of the Savon de Marseille

    Soap makers in Marseille have been creating one-of-a-kind gentle soaps that people across the globe have loved and indulged in for ages. These soaps are made using native oils and alkaline ash from marine plants indigenous to the Mediterranean Sea. This famous soap, however, was not granted its title “Savon de Marseille” (Marseille Soap) until about 1688 when Jean-Baptiste Colbert proclaimed them so. The soaps contain 72% vegetable oils and no animal additives.

    The Savon de Marseille remained popular throughout the 1700 and 1800s. Although the 1900s brought mass-produced synthetic soaps and detergents, the Savon de Marseille persevered, with families still favoring the purity and gentleness of these authentic bars of soap. Today, less than five soap makers still follow the Marseille soap-making tradition. Altogether it takes two weeks to create Savon de Marseille. Alkaline ash from sea plants and the Mediterranean Sea salted water are heated for ten days in antique cauldrons, then poured into open pits where it hardens. They make the perfect gift to take back home, just don't forget to pick up a few for yourself with you're in France. 

  • Bask in the Beauty of Bandol Wine

    There’s no Provence without Bandol wine and no Bandol without the South of France. Some will go so far as to say that Bandol wine is Provence’s best-kept secret. Well, the secrets out now. Bandol wine can be found in the limestone hills near the village of Bandol, east of Marseille and west of Toulon, in the South of France. The hillside vineyards in the Bandol area come together to form a natural amphitheater, creating a majestic view of acres of vineyard.

    Along with Bordeaux and Burgundy, Bandol has been named one of the noblest wines of France. A cherry and blackberry flavored wine made mostly of Mourvèdre grape, Bandol has a distinct richness and ripeness to it, all thanks to its many hours spent baking in the sun. The vineyards that cultivate Bandol, lay on the hills and almost always get direct sunlight, making Bandol flavor so distinct and full of character.

    Today, the region is known by many for its rosés, but that does not mean that visitors aren’t indulging in the more full-bodied and voluptuous red wines that Bandol has to offer as well. Visiting Provence is worth taking a wine tour or two. You most certainly cannot leave Provence without sipping on and savoring the best red wine in the area.

  • Journey Through the Gorgeous Gorges Du Verdon

    The Gorges du Verdon is quite a sight to behold! This 25-kilometer long river canyon is one of the many must-see natural wonders of South Provence. Its turquoise-green waters are perfect for visitors to kayak and canoe down the gorge. Along with its breathtaking waters and a bounty of limestone, the approximately 25-kilometer gorge attracts its visitors for a number of other reasons: cycling, bird-watching, and hiking the hills to name a few. Extending down about 700 meters deep, the Gorges du Verdon is the deepest gorge in all of France, so you won’t want to miss seeing this historic landmark for yourself.

    We recommend you start your journey at the small town of Moustiers Sainte Marie, the western entrance of the Gorge, and then make your way southeastward to the large village of La Palud Sur Verdon. In between those two destinations, you will cross Pont de Sainte Croix, stroll through the hillside village of Aiguines, travel into Balcons de Mescla, head through the small village of Trigance, discover le pointe sublime, and reach the village of Rougon.

  • Nature Lovers Rejoice

    Don’t just observe the beautiful scenery that surrounds Dolce Frégate Provence. Instead, discover, explore, and experience it for yourself! Our unique location overlooking the Mediterranean Sea provides convenient access to a variety of exceptional natural sites, especially the breathtaking Calanque de Port d'Alon (Port d'Alon Creek).

    Located between Saint-Cyr and Bandol, only a ten-minute drive away from our hotel, Calanque de Port d'Alon is an idyllic wild creek set against a lush and verdant backdrop. When arriving from Port d’Alon, this creek can be reached along the coastal path—another great opportunity for exploring the nature and wildlife of the South of France.

    Whether you prefer sunning yourself on the sand, walking the pine-shaped slopes, or taking a dip in the refreshing waters, this one-of-a-kind destination offers something for everyone. Grab your swimming costume and get ready to soak up some warm rays.