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Cyril Antunes - Beekeeper

Born in Toulon's, Cyril joined the French navy at the age of 16 and continued his career for 18 years on navy fighter planes and helicopters.

In 1992, he joined then the naval training center if Saint-Mandrier as commander for 8 years in the navy pilot training unit.

In 2010, he decided to leave the Navy to fulfil a personal ambition closer to his heart.As a nature lover and wishing to make a gesture for the future of his grandchildren and the planet in general, he decided to take up beekeeping.

Trained at the CFPPA school in Hyères, he has kept several thousand bees since 2011. He now has 40 hives.

Cyril is strongly committed to running his modest operation with the greatest respect for the environment, for the bees and for the consumer.

His life is now governed by the seasons, the blooming periods and the whims of the weather.