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Beehives Visit

From August 1, 2015, the Dolce Frégate Provence invites you to discover a new activity and visit the beehives of the Frégate course.

Cyril Antunes, our beekeeper, will show you the beehives and their installation, then he will take you to discover a beehive in a beekeeper's outfit while you watch him smoke the bees to open the hive.

This is your opportunity to understand how bees live in their hive and produce honey.

The activity starts with a lesson on the survival of bees and their importance to our planet and for our human life also. Cyril will introduce the different bee species existing today and explain honey production until its extraction and packaging.


  • Workshop lasting around 90 minutes.
  • Welcome and teaching workshop followed by the visit to the Frégate beehives, located on the edge of the golf course
  • From 2 to 6 guests
  • Protective clothing provided
  • Participants must wear long pants (which totally cover the legs), socks and closed shoes
  • Wear light-colored clothing

From € 34 per person (rate estimated with a 6 person group)

€ 120 for two persons / € 140 for three persons / € 160 for four persons / € 180 for five persons / € 200 for six persons.